Monday, September 15, 2014

What We Wear: Little Baberham

 What We Wear: Little Baberham

I told ya life was crazy busy lately, well it still is, no surprise there, we are moving in this weekend to our new home, its official! The kitchen upgrades begin today! WOOOHOO and our home went from a warm yellow/beige to a delicious beige gray, otherwise known as "Griege" and im pretty happy about it.  Its so silly to even care about stuff like this but once you have a home i guess you just cant help but make it your own and style it to your familys personalities.  

My promise in doing this blog is to do my duty of staying as honest as possible and sharing my heart and the truth of where im at. This weekend was a rough one, it had more downs than id like to admit but we still had some great family memories as well. We closed escrow last Thursday and I think the stress of getting everything done in time and then beginning our renovations right away just started us off to a moody weekend. Both my husband and I were both really on edge and irritable. I think lack of sleep, change, and feeling a bit overwhelmed with house chores and moving can do that to ya pretty quickly. We would pray, we would sing worship songs, we would take breaks and go swim and play or eat a yummy meal.. but still, we were not ourselves as far as our attitude and mood goes. Since being a part of this social media world I think we all have observed how we share mostly the great moments, the beautiful memories, the special and sweet parts of our day or week, and that is because thats what we want to remember. I don't really have a desire to recall all of our moody days, irritable moments, or heart break.  I'd like to have our memories stored of those moments of Cash's first real steps, like last week (YAY!), the day my husband proposed, a delicious meal and the scents and colors that filled our home.  I want to remember the blessings and be thankful for them.  

The downfall with social media can be those of us that think that everyones life is really perfect, because we are only seeing a tiny piece of someones life.. all of the good.  So thats what this space is for, its to share the beauty of our lives with you all and store these memories here as a keepsake, but is has also become a ministry for me, a place where I can be genuine and transparent. I want to share pieces of our heart ache and hurst here not to remember them but to give others hope that they are not alone. I'd like to create community and real-ness here. There are people out there that don't have support, no one to talk to or pray with, people who feel that everyone else's life is perfect and they are out there struggling alone, other's who feel they have to keep all of their secrets inside and couldn't possibly share their pain or their problems.  If anything, i just want to step out in faith and lead in sharing our hurts because that is the only way through them,.. with support, with confession, asking for prayer, venting and getting things off your chest, surrendering that weight you carry, and not being 'as sick as your secrets'.  

Im not exactly sure where this post came from. I just know that was my heart this morning. I would love to hear from those of you that this post may impacted in some way.  Don't be afraid to share publicly in the comments either, thats how we can all connect to one another and step out of whatever fear inhibits us from being vulnerable. 

Today I want to share with you one of my sweet friends companies, Little Baberham. I'm really excited for this particular company because literally everything she makes is a d o r a b l e beyond belief.  You must follow her on instagram (@littlebaberham) and see photos of her darling little girls repping their shop product, its just too cute for words.  Lacey, the owner, makes headwraps & kimonos not just for your little ladies and babies but also for mama birds! Which i love because we don't have a little lady yet and I needed to get my hands on one of these so its good to know that she has styles and sizes for mommys too! 

@littlebaberham instagram

Headwrap c/o Little Baberham
Crochet Maxi Forever21 (sold out, similar style here)

Monday, September 8, 2014

What We Wear: Boho Baby Boutique Romper

What We Wear: Boho Baby Boutique Romper

Hi lovelies, happy Monday!! This week is going to be a long but wonderful week because we will be closing escrow Thursday and officially be home owners! We are so beyond excited, feel overwhelmed with thankfulness and just consumed by Gods love and the blessings Hes bestowed on our little family. I can't begin to explain how undeserving I feel throughout this whole process of finding this home that is perfect for our sweet family, my heart just swells up with joy and grattitude and I don't really know what to do with all of this emotion except try to receive this gift from God and not question Him. 

Its been on our hearts this past year or so to serve Him in a greater way, we've been exploring and praying on what that looks like for quite some time and it seems like God has been shifting things around and moving in us to show us where He wants us and what exactly that looks like. Hes given us bits and pieces here and there but it seems the whole picture is coming together more and more and we are seeing what He's leading us into. I'm so excited and so glad my husband and I have been faithful in just trusting God during this season of the "unknown", we're still in that season but i feel like the fog is lifting slowly and we are gaining more clarity, which is nice for me because i'm a planner and i like to know where Hes taking us, even if God finds it humorous to continously teach me that im not in control and i need to just trust. Im thankful for this season, if anything I have learned Gods plan is always best for me and He continues to show that I can relax and know that Hes got us. 

Now on to some cuteness, this adorable little romper is by Boho Baby Boutique. I am crazy about her stuff because she creates orginal custom handmade pieces from recycled clothing! So you can take a sentimental shirt of grandpas or your husbands or your very own cardigan and create a sweet treasured timeless piece for your little one. You can pick different patterns and colors and buttons and zippers or even cute little patches to place on the romper. We went with this jean striped look with lots of blues because thats my favorite color on my sweet boy.  I paired it with our Starry Knight Design red moccs because those red buttons and moccs just make me so happy together.  The straps are adjustable so baby can grow with the romper, you can also unfold the legs or roll them up for a shorter look.

Theyre in the middle of revamping their website so check out their instagram @bohobabyboutique in the mean time! You can email them at for custom orders and be sure to use coupon code: BohoTABlog for 10% off ! When the website is up next month you'll be able to use this code there as well!

*photos taken a month or so ago. Little man has had his first hair "Trim" since then (;

Instagram @bohobabyboutique
Website: (launching October 2014)
Coupon Code 10% OFF: BohoTABlog  (type into email)

Moccasins c/o Starry Knight Design
Romper c/o Boho Baby Boutique

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What We Wear: Mad Glam

What We Wear: Mad Glam

Hi beauties, the lack of posts this past week comes with good cause, we are in escrow for our first home! We will be moving mid September if all goes well so I have been a busy bee doing a ton of things for the house, signing documents, doing inspections, picking out new materials, all while trying to be the best wife and mama I can be and working part time. All great things but definitely keeping me busy. I wanted to quickly share this sweet little summer throw on dress! Mad Glam has such great priced options and this little number would be great for wearing over a bikini or a slip like i have on here.

Floral dress c/o Mad Glam here


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What Is This Blog For & Talking About Healing

What Is This Blog For & Talking About Healing

I have this space here to store our memories, to keep me accountable to journaling and keeping a record of our life, i also share here because I believe its what God calls us to do, to live our lives honestly and openly, sharing our testimony, our story with others so we can relate to one another, join in on this journey with one another and know that we are not alone. Life is not easy, we live in a fallen world so we need each other more than we'll admit sometimes. I am so grateful for a place I feel safe enough to pour my heart out, obviously there are some things i dont share, some things maybe too personal or i feel I need to protect my family or friends in certain areas, but for the most part i try to be really trasparent. I TRY is the key word here.  It doesn't necessarily come natural to me to be so vulnerable and exposed. I grew up thinking I had to be perfect to be loved by someone, that if i showed my flaws or people saw the parts of me that I thought weren't "good enough" that maybe they wouldn't like me as much. I didn't know that this was a lie i was believing, i didn't even know i was thinking this way.. it was subconcious.  It wasn't until I was older that i learned that i had believed that lie for so long and let it shape most of my relationships. I thought i was open with people and one day it came to my attention that a lot of what I shared was what I felt safe sharing but what i needed to share with my close circle was what i needed prayer over, areas where i needed to lean on someone and needed their support or guidance.  How can you really ever be known and feel close to people if no one really knows your heart, your wondedness, the deepest thoughts and troubles that are on your mind? You can't. 

I am so thankful God has revealed this place in my heart that needed healing, and i am so very grateful that i have been restored and I no longer believe those same lies. I didn't come here to even write about this, it just sort of came out when i began typing.  Sometimes i have to remind myself of what im doing here. What this space is about for me. I want it to be an honest space, one where people can ask questions, share their own feelings and thoughts, and be kind to each other... a space where people feel understoond, heard, and connected. It is my hope that you feel as though you are not alone when you come to this blog of mine. With all of the busy-ness in life right now and over the past few months, I have asked myself what can give? Where do i have room to eliminate something?  I asked myself if I feel called to blog, why i blog?  I suppose thats what got me writing this post.  I know why I blog, I know its purposeful, your emails touch my heart so deeply and i have met some incredible women from this online community that i wouldn't trade for the world. Your friendships mean so much to me. I know how healing it is for me to practice hummility and be transparent here.  So questions like the ones i asked myself above are a great reminder for me to focus on listening to what Jesus puts on my heart to share here. This isn't mine, this is His. I want to remember that each time I share something with you.

I just wanted you to know my heart i suppose. And that im grateful for you.

*If you read along I would love for you guys to follow by adding  your email on the right hand side of my blog. its easy! Helps get to know you all. (wont work on a cell phone).

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What We Wear: Hold You Me

What We Wear: Hold You Me + A Discount

We have a ton going on right now that I cannot wait to share with you! I have so much I want to write about and haven't had the time lately to sit down and get my thoughts out on paper. Hold tight, I promise I'll share.  In the mean time ladies, you have got to take a look at these adorable wave leggings by Hold You Me, they are all organic baby friendly and the cutest little surfer boy/girl leggings you've ever seen! Living in SoCal we are always at the beach, even in the winter! So I knew instantly these would be a pair we'd be living in, they're light weight so your kiddos can still wear them in the summer. Hold You Me also made Cash's little indian boy leggings from his birthday party (See here). They are giving 10% off for my readers with coupon code: TESSA10 (see details below).

Coupon Code: TESSA10 for 10% off.  Expires October 1st 2014
Instagram here @holdyoume

Baby Tee: Vintage
Leggins c/o Hold You Me

Tuesday, August 5, 2014



Sweet little boy had the best first birthday party I could have ever imagined for him. This celebration was so special to me, almost as special as our wedding day, I think it meant so much to me because it marked the first year that we have had this most precious gift in our lives, it marked the first year we had as new parents, it marked the first year as a family of three, and we made it! I would give this little boy the world if i could so I wanted to celebrate his life in a fun way that everyone who loves him and has helped pray over him, supported us, and cared for him would all enjoy. Needless to say the party went seemlessly, and I am grateful for every single guest who shared our joy and celebrated on that special day, as well as all of the shops who came together to help me throw this wonderful pow wow to commemorate his first year of life. Your daddy and i treasure every day with you.. heres to being ONE! 

First lets start with all of the dessert table details because it was my favorite...

^^i used adhesive spray to add glitter to these little shot glasses filled with milk, and top with homemade cookies for the win!^^^

^^This too die for fabric banner is made by the same sweet shop (Vintage Green Limited) who custom designed Cashs nursery/babyshower banner. She was kind enough to custom make this one for his party and it was just what i wanted^^

^^^Cupcake arrow toppers & cake teepee topper as well as the cake cash banner below all custom made c/o Ms Apple... you must check her shop out for your party planning needs^^^

^^^Sweet Andrea from Cake Walk Desserts makes these pie pops, they are all different flavors and designs and come individually wrapped with the cutest little bow. These are not only the cutest thing you have ever seen but the best pie you have every tasted..drool^^^

^^Cash's delicious cake & tiny small cake was made by one of my best friends, she really should start a business, she understood exactly what i wanted and surpassed my expectations^^

^^^We put all of the gifts inside the teepee which was a perfect spot^^^

^^The little details and extra touches were so fun, my sister helped me make this streamer banner & we added in some glitter feathers (use the same spray adhesive and sparkles as i mentioned above)^^

^^I made labels with scrap booking paper, and had cute little DIY arrows made of ribbon and paper all over the party for decor. I filled the dessert table with hand made lemon vanilla cupcakes, donut holes, pie pops, chocolate chip cookies & cake!^^

^^I made the arrow banners DIY with scrap booking paper and burlap string. Those gorgeous tassel banners were hand crafted c/o Love Garland and i just melted over how perfectly they got those colors to match our theme^^
^^I have no hung this little cash cake banner from his nursery shelf,...multi purpose use! YOU need one!^^^

^^^Napkins, plates, balloons etc from Party city. I sprayed large mason jars with adhesive and covered with chunky and regular glitter^^^

^^^Those adorable signs all had bible verses on them about being a child of God, these were made c/o The Meek Boutique who made our sweet Christmas cards, we are so grateful for her friendship^^^

^^^We did a chili bar with toppings and had sides like these pigs in a blanket, mac & cheese, pulled pork, corn bread and other western food^^^

^^^my sweet friend Mia & her hubbies made these cute labels for us, they were just the perfect extra touch^^^

^^brown & orange chevron/sriped straws from Michaels with Mason Jars with adorable rustic lids^^

^^I made these for anyone who forgot to dress up who was feeling a little indian inspired^^

^^Cutest little favor bags for Cash's friends, "enjoy the loot" c/o Details On Demand^^

^^Sweetest Pow wow Birthday Invitations c/o Kelli Murray, envelopes from Michaels crafts store^^

^^these hand painted thank you cards c/o Taylor Town Design Shop are UNREAL. Each wrapped in a beautiful string for a special touch. She water colors these and her cards are always front & back! So adorable!^^

^^I pretty much died over Cash's entire outfit, these leggings are too much c/o of Hold You Me ^^^
(see below for coupon code discount)

^^Cant even handle these little bootie shorts, those arrows and guns stole my heart the moment i saw them, these are c/o Little Cowboys & Indians^^

^^Likely Baby Story custom designed this adorable horse with a headdress on for my sweet boy on his birthday. I couldnt have loved it more. She hand paints these, it cant get more personal/specialized than that!^^

^^Love Crush Bowtique was sweet enough to design both Cash and i our own indian headdress', i sure felt like an indian princess and this little stud was the hit of the party with is cute little birthday crown^^

^^Cake Smash arrow bib c/o Cora Mae Design was a perfect match for our little indian prince^^

Thats one happy boy!

^^DIY arrow banner, DIY wooden "ONE" letters i painted and used fabric & feathers to make the little headdress decor at the top^^

^^I ordered these online from printsagram, they print little squares straight from your instagram!^^

^^I made a DIY photobooth with a wall of balloons in the wine room (which was the perfect back drop because of the western vibe)^^
All props c/o Wedding Photo Booth were such a hit with everyone young and old!

^^..& a nursing session selfie to remember this past 12 months I nourished this little boy.. we started the weaning process and its been a little emotional on my end, Cash it doing great though^^

^^And all of the kids ended the day with a great swim sesh,..including my little in his birthday suit thanks to Nana^^

^^He is so blessed to have the best grandmas in the whole wide world. These photos of after the party while cleaning up just melt me into a puddle^^

^^We did DIY dessert teepees for the older kids using frosting, ice cream sugar cones and sprinkles^^

^^Cutest baby indians i ever did see^^

All of the details + COUPON CODES:

Baby leggings c/o Hold You Me (USE CODE: TESSA10 for 10% off. Expires October 1st.)

Horse Onesie c/o Likely Baby Story (instagram @likelybabystory) USE CODE: CASH15 for 15% off prints. Expires August 12th (does not include hand painted custom onesies).

Cowboys & indians booty shorts c/o Little Cowboys & Indians (instagram @littlecowboysandindians) USE CODE: tessa15 for 15% off. Expires August 10th)

Tassel Garland c/o LoveGarlands  (USE CODE: LOVEGARLANDS for 20% off expires end of the year)

Flower Feather Headdress & Baby Feather Headdress c/o Love Crush Bowtique

Scripture arrow prints c/o The Meek Boutqiue (USE Code MEEKBOGO for buy 1 get 1 free)
(Instructions: Purchase a file and at checkout, put in code and the number of the file they want free. The second file will be emailed to them.)
Pie Pops c/o Cake Walk Desserts 

Photobooth Props c/o Wedding Photo Booth  (Use Code: LUCIOUS for 20% off purchases of $50 or more. Expires at the end of the year)

Fabric Triangle Banner c/o Vintage Green Limited (Use Code:  SUMMERTIME for free US shipping)

Thank You feather cards c/o Taylor Town Design Shop (Instagram @ )Use Code: BABYCASH1 for a 15% off)

Cake Smash Arrow Bib c/o Cora Mae Design (instagram @coramaedesign) 

Cake & Cupcake toppers/teepee & Cash cake banner c/o Ms Apple

Pow wow Birthday invitation c/o Kelli Murra

Kids Favor Bags c/o Details On Demand