Friday, May 22, 2015

Maternity Family Photos, Baby Number Two:

Maternity Family Photos, Baby Number Two:

I have been meaning to share these for a few weeks now, its amazing how my last minute to do list before this little angel arrives just keeps building and building.  My sister (Kelsey Steindler Photography) is an incredible professional photographer and I am truly so blessed by her graciousness! She is so giving of her time away from her family to shoot these sweet memories for us, and i will truly cherish these forever.  I also wanted to say a HUGE thank you to The Bloomin Gypsy for her incredible talent & creating this perfect flower crown for our maternity session. It could not have been more perfect. I wanted to feel feminine and represent all things girly since we are welcoming our first little lady into the home. I am just so grateful for the place the Lord has brought us to in this new season. Truly, we are so happy and at peace right now, its the perfect time to welcome this special little girl into our home.  

This post is dedicated to our babies, Cash and little miss that will be here in less than 3 weeks.  We love you with every part of our being and thank God for you every day. You both have touched our hearts and lives in ways we could never explain. You are our angels, you encourage us in our walk with the Lord daily and have brought so much joy to our home.  Daddy and I are closer today than ever before and more in love each day as we raise you little ones together as a team.  We are so ready to meet you sweet girl, and although it will be a big adjustment for us all, I know your brother is going to be so sweet and gentle with you because thats who he is and we cant wait for him to meet you. I am already melting inside thinking about your father becoming a daddy to a little princess, i am counting down the days until we see your sweet angelic face & bring you home with us. Carrying you in my womb has been magical, i will miss you always being with me and am forever grateful for this gift.




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Monday, May 18, 2015

What We Love: The Little Linen Company + 10% OFF Discount

What We Love: The Little Linen Company

Im so excited, today is my last day of work before maternity leave! And tomorrow we go on our little staycation babymoon! I cant tell you how much my exhausted body is craving some R&R.  It'll be our first time away from our little guy (hes done sleep overs at his Mimi and Papas house 3 times now but we hung with him all day before taking him over there, so this will be basically almost 2 full days away from him and im nervous for how ill do, but i know he'll be ok and have tons of fun!).

Any who, before I go I want to share about The Little Linen Company with you all because they have the cutest selection of swaddle blankies for babies with such fun unique prints. You'll see below they sent us this adorable veggie blanket called "Veg Out"  (Weegoamigo brand), my favorite as you all know are gorgeous florals so i am smitten with this Rose Toile (Little Linen Company) swaddle, and this Weegoamigo 4 pack muslin blanket combo called "Doll's House" is a perfect combo of gorgeous Spring colors.  Check them out for all of your swaddle needs, they also have stroller blankets, bedding, & cute baby towels/wash cloths.

vvvI cant wait to wrap my girl up in this heavenly print below vvv

^^^Could these colors be any prettier?!^^^

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Friday, May 15, 2015

What We Wear: Sonnet James + A Trip To The Aquarium

 What We Wear: Sonnet James + A Trip To The Aquarium


 I have been dying to share this play dress with you all for all of my mamas out there or ladies that just like to have a good time and look pretty but still want to have fun and have the flexibility of not worrying about what you're wearing.  This play dress by Sonnet James is one of my favorite play date outfits right now. I could literally sleep in this dress its so comfortable.. and thats saying a lot for a pregnant women 4 weeks away from her due date? ha!

Heres a little inside scoop on Sonnet James: "Whitney believes passionately in being a playful and involved mother. She also believes that with the right dress you can look great without letting your clothes get in the way of the next big adventure! Sonnet James was born out of the idea that beautiful clothing should work for moms—durable, comfortable, and beautiful, yet easy to care for. So, enjoy your Sonnet James dress at the park, the museum, and the city".

... or in my case, at the aquarium. (:

This dress in particular is called the "Reese Dress" in white (although i love the grey and navy too), its my favorite! I also love their "Piper Dress" and "Remi Dress".  They're not maternity but they certainly work for us prego mums. Im in a size Small and couldve easily squeezed this bulging belly into a extra small and had plenty of space to spare.  You'll be seeing me in this dress all summer long, especially when im concealing my after baby belly hah.  You must must must stop by their website to check out what Whitney has created.  I think i need to order 5 more for when im running after two little ones in the near future.

We had such a great Mother's Day spending it together as a family at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific. I loved watching my little guy take over the tanks one by one with the widest eyes and touching every part of the glass he could get his little fingers on. I live for these days.. the days i get to spend with all of my family members (almost four of us now!) and watch them smile, make memories, and play with so much love and joy in their hearts.  The weekends are my favorite, and anything we are doing together is fun as long as we are together.  As cheesey as that sounds, aint it the truth?!

I hope you ladies had a fabulous Mother's Day, and thank you to Sonnet James for making my so sweet with this beautiful play dress. (:

^^^sporting that 35.5 week pregnant peek-a-boo belly button ^^^

^^^The length & stretch is perfect for kneeling down to play with our littles^^^