Friday, February 26, 2016

Its Been A Minute..

It has been fooooorever since ive sat down to write. I feel like I needed a little break from blogging because life was just going by so quickly and i wanted to enjoy and soak up more time being present with my family, not thinking at all about when i would have time to sit down and type out my thoughts/feelings etc because i already have so much on my plate.  I battle having enough time daily to spend intentional time with my kids, spend time alone with God, clean, spend time with my husband, me time, cook, work, etc. I feel like i will never have enough time in the day to do everything id like to do, and its just about accepting that and knowing what i get done is enough & putting my focus on whats really important, i showed up and loved on my family. So anyhow, a break was needed and appreciated and always helps me refocus on why I have this tiny space here. I never want this blog to ever be about anything other than these few things: community, encouragement, support, fun, and a place for me to process and share because thats healing and good for the soul. There were many times i missed writing and wanted to hop back on here. So thats what this will be like now that i have 2 littles at home, theres much less me time to get on a computer and share. SO, ill be hopping on here when i can, and that'll be enough. (:  

Thats all i wanted to share today, as i hadnt shared where i went the past couple months, and i know some of you were wondering if I was going to continue with this blog.  Love this mama community and I am grateful for all of the relationships i've made with you ladies.


Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving & Black Friday DEALS + NUME Discount

Thanksgiving & Black Friday DEALS + NUME Discount 

I hope everyone had an amazing thanksgiving with your families/friends and the people you hold dear. We had an amazing day with family and it was extra celebrating Laylas first Thanksgiving this year. We are so grateful for our growing family, our big extended family, all of our healthy bodies and minds, and the love God has given us for each other and others. Those are the things i've been focused on this year. We are making traditions with our little ones and it warms my heart to think about how excited Cash is about Christmas and the holidays this year. We got to watch my parents light up their Christmas lights last night and all the little cousins were in awe. It was so cute to see their excitement and how they all ran up to touch the lights.  Having children gives the word Joy new meaning, i know kids age you because of worry, and lack of sleep and running around crazily after them....but they at the same time they have this beautiful ability to make you younger, to see things through their eyes and re-experience life and the little things like Christmas lights in a whole new way. Lights, Santa, hot cocoa, and the beginning of learning to give to a child who doesnt have toys or shoes or a family, its all so beautiful and such a blessing to watch Cash explore the world for the very first time.  So with all that said, im so grateful for my family. Im beyond grateful.  Words just do not convey my heart today.

I wanted to share some of my favvvvorite shops that have Black Friday deals online today! Because if you're like me and have two littles, you are avoiding the mall and the crazies out.  I also wanted to share all the NUME product deals right now! I know some of you missed out on the last Nume curling wand sale that i posted and if you're shopping around for styling tools these are the way to go as far as quality and price (when they have deals going on).  So here are some snippets of my hair (when mommy has time to style it) using the Magic 32mm Curling wand! I  LOVE it.

BIG loose curls are a girls best friend. ((disclaimer..sorry for the lame selfie, just wanted to show you the curls)) 

^out with my lady friends^ 

^^Day 3 after i curled it, slept on it twice, and wore it up numerous times (5 month old sticky baby fingers are no bueno with long hair)

^^Day 4 (where the cover my eyes emoji?) up in a pony looks super cute too^^

^^and lastly a quick thanksgiving shot of all 4 us, we barely fit in a selfie anymore! And i love that!^^ 

Here are the best Nume deals today and the first one is throughout the month:

(this is my fav straightener, i use it to curl my hair for smaller curls)

60% OFF entire site + FREE shipping code: BF60 ----Just Black friday! 
(excludes holiday collection)

The Titan 3 wand SET is just $69 with code: BFTITAN---Just Black Friday!

Also some other shops with Black Friday deals:

Lululemon: Tons of markdowns
J Crew: 50% off everything
Nordstrom: up to 40% off select styles

Anthropologie: 25% off everything (use code SHOPTOIT)
Gap: 50% off everything
Urban Outfitters: extra 30% off sale

ASOS: 20% off everything (use code CYBER)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Nordstrom's SALE, Yasss please

 Nordstrom's SALE, Yasss please

Im so glad so many of you will have a chance to try out Nume's curling wands, they will not disappoint! I'll have more coupon codes for you guys soon if you werent able to scoop one up this past week, the previous sale is over but there will be other opportunities so stay tuned.  For now, i wanted to share Nordstrom is having a sale, at first i went online to check out their Nike sale (which you can browse below, sooo good) but then i got caught up looking at all of the other items on sale, with those prices for quality items they're too good to pass up. Im a bargain shopper so i though i'd share the love!  Check out those Nordies prices!

*Right click the arrow for more*

 Okay first lets talk active wear, everything i purchase from low end brands ends up falling apart. Nike and Lulu Lemon are where its at (: . I wear active wear daily running around chasing my littles, as well as for workouts 3 days a week (if im lucky), so a couple quality pieces are important for me if i want them to last a long time. I also love the bright colorful shirts, and usually pair them with a gray or black workout pant.  I threw in some boyfriend jeans, you really cant beat $39 for a good pair! That $13 wide brim hat is perfect for winter and fall and adds a lot of character to an outfit.  Loving those two long sleeves and the cardigan that hits right at the knee.  And i could live in those gray nike sweatpants, with a simple white tee or even a long sweater those would be so cute.

Happy Sales shopping!!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Big Loose Curls: Nume Curling Wand Deal!

Big Loose Curls: Nume Curling Wand Deal! 


Ladies! I had to jump on here and share the latest Nume wand i have been using the last couple weeks for big loose curls! I ordered the Magic 32mm Nume wand and i have been loving it. Its swivels at the end so you never get tied up in the chord and comes with a glove for heat protection so you wont burn your hand as youre curling your hair.  I love that its healthier for your hair and gives extra shine because its 100% titanium.  GOOD news is Nume is offering ANY WAND for $26 dollars today! I recommend this wand but you can also select a different one that works for your hair length and style. I love bigger curls so i went with the 32mm which is 1 inch thick.  You can check out the photo i snapped quickly last week after styling my hair in 5 minutes only the top layer while i was testing it out.  I am so happy with this selection and excited to share that this $149 wand is only $26 from now until October 25th! So hurry on over and scoop one up! Comes with a trial shampoo and conditioner too!

Click here for the link & be sure to use code NUMEFORME: WANDS

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Weekend Fun, Birthday Bash's & Pumpkin Pick'n

Weekend Fun, Birthday Bash's & Pumpkin Pick'n

Hey loves, I hope you're all enjoying this great Fall weather as much as we are over here! Im taking full advantage of wearing jeans and boots again & being outdoors as much as possible because its no longer blistering hot!!  Anywho, I have had a TON of questions about where i purchased my blouse i wore over the weekend and on Laylas little beanie she wore this morning. SO i figured i might as well do a little post on those items so you guys can quickly and easily find them.

We had a blast over the weekend celebrating our best friends little girl turning One! Its so bittersweet watching these babies grow up. On one hand you love seeing them hit their milestones and become little funny people with personalities but on the other hand you miss and grieve each baby stage they grow out of, like sucking their baby toes, cooing, and that yummy fresh newborn smell! GAH! i live for these sweet tender years, i just cannot even believe Layla is already 4.5 months old, this second kid thing sure does fly by!   We went to the pumpkin patch twice this past week, ill share photos from there later this week. And today we took the kids on a fun morning hike, if you follow me on snapchat (tessa_rayanne) im sure you have been seeing a little glimpse into our real life and my busy boy who is always wanting to explore and adventure, and i dont mind it one bit!

Anyhow, happy shopping & happy Fall!

The first blouse is the exact one i purchased and i actually shared it here a couple weeks ago when i ordered it online. Its $32 i mean, you cant beat that! Everyone needs a good pair of ripped skinnies and i just bought this pair of Ralph Lauren and i love them! They have the perfect amount of stretch to them. They actually fit me perfectly when i put them on and stretched out a little bit by the second time i wore them, so you could even go a size down if you wanted to and they'll stretch to fit you perfectly, or if you order true to size like i did they work just as well they'll just be a tiny bit of a looser fit on your 2nd or 3rd day of wearing them.  I couldnt find the boots i own because theyre a year old so i posted a couple budget friendly options for a tan ankle boot because everyone needs one, they go with evvvverything.  I hope you have fun! There are some other peasant blouse options i listed below as well because im in love with this look and could buy them all!

Also, Laylas gold bow headband is c/o Swirl On Top shop and you can find it here.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Infant + Toddler Fall Fashion & Halloween Costume Picks!

Infant + Toddler Fall Fashion & Halloween Costume Picks! 


Hey guys, Im so glad you liked the makeup post as well as my fall picks post! I will try to do more of these more often instead of seasonally.  I wanted to share some of our favorite items for Fall for toddlers and babies. I always try to find sales, especially with Gap, so you can check out the deals i spotted below. And i also included some of the cutest little Halloween costumes for babies and toddlers, as well as threw in a couple in there for the older kids if they were too cute not to share.  I hope you like them if you're in search for an adorable or creative costume. 

**hit the arrow on the right to browse more.** I hope you like these picks..obviously i have a thing for babies in furry animal costumes. TOO CUTE! Also, i added in there the Avent binkys we use for both kids, alot of you guys have asked me over the years what binkys we like and which ones we use for Cash. I also shared our favorite Fall and Winter boots, the toddler Hunters! They are a must, especially if you live somewhere with snow or a lot of rain. My son loves his boots and asks to wear them even in the summer if we are watering/gardening, he looooves them (we started with size 4 ..they run super big, and now he is in size 7 i believe, and theyre big on him but he will grow into them for winter, we double layer socks when theyre too big, its better to get them bigger so they can wear them longer)! He also lives in his Nike's. Theyre my favorite for toddlers because they have more arch support than converse and vans, but those sure are cute too and we own a couple pairs of them as well. He loves the bright blue ones so much that he has a second pair in a bigger size now. I feel like we are always having to upgrade his shoes to a bigger size, this boys feet keep on growing like weeds! There are some super cute baby Gap jammies i added for Halloween in the above post as well..because whats cuter than festive jams! Especially matching sibling jammies. We live in cozies during the winter so of course i picked lots of cozy leggings and long sleeve shirts. Also, American Apparel makes great beanies for kiddos, the pink beanie link will show you they have all different colors.  Sleep sacs are a must for the cooler winter months for infants. So are uggs, and close toed baby shoes to keep their feet warm. Socks too!

I hope you guys enjoy your week and are having fun decorating for Halloween! We'll  be going to the Pumpkin patch next weekend, IF the weather cools down. Its been so dang hot im nervous to take Layla out when its 100 degrees and she'll need to nap in the wrap, so its even hotter! Gotta be careful in this heat with little ones.  So heres to hoping it cools down asap~!  Also, im on Snapchat now so add me for daily adventures with these little people, username: tessarayanne


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Updated Makeup Favorites

Hi beauties, so many of you have asked about what products i've been using as of late on instagram and via email over the recent months. I havent dont an updated makeup post in a whiiiile so its about time i share some of my new favorites and those items that i've been loving for years and years. I've been a makeup lover since i was able to hold lipstick in my own hands...lets just say i could apply it without a mirror and no smudges at age 4 (says my mama) lol. I'm pretty much wearing makeup in every Christmas family photo that i was allowed to.  Its pretty funny!  i was a girly girl but also a tom boy. With that said, i have tried my fair share of makeup, but im always on the look out for items that you can purchase at the local drug store for reasonable prices, however some items you do have to splurge on if you want the same quality.  So here are my current favorites that i use weekly:

Lets start with face... i have used both olay facewash and sensitive lotion for years! I swear by it. Its gentle and an easy routine. I wash my face and lotion twice a day, once in the morning and at night when im getting ready for bed.  After putting lotion on i use Mac studio fix powder foundation. Its so easy and takes me 1 minute to apply and it gives an overall even coat but its not too thick and has just enough coverage. Its pretty much the easiest/quickest way to do your face makeup. I use liquid foundation for special occasians but my everyday, work, and weekend look is with Macs studio fix.  Next I recently purchases this contour and blush pallet and its supppper affordable and does the job.  OKAY, now that highlighter by Becca is a MUST, i have never ever tried a better highlighter.  Its pricey but so so worth it. I apply it to the bridge of my nose and on my cheekbones when i want that glow! I posted the sephora brush i love for blush and bronzer.  I am a huge fan of Anastasia dip brow, its literally the best for brows.. you need an angled brush so i posted the one i've been using above.  I also sometimes use their pencil.  I do Revlon skinny liquid liner for my cat eye on the weekends when i want to add some drama.  I love smashbox exposure pallet that ive been using for almost a year, i use mostly the matte colors.  I found this Milani lipstick at the local drug store and i use the color "matte naked" #61 and its my favorite lipstick ive ever tried... its afforable at just $5 and its SO good you guys.  I sometimes do a tint of revlons "Premium Pink" posted above and this stays on for hours... i just do a tiny dab and rub it all over with my finger because its bright if you apply it like normal lipstick, this will last you forever because youre just using a teeny tiny bit for a little tint..i even put the Matte Milani lipstick over it for a slightly more pink nude, thats been my favorite the past few months mixing the two.    Okay, and lastly i have used the same Maybelline Volume mascara since 7th grade people!! Thats a lifetime, but this is theeee only mascara that comes close (and i might even say better because its all natural, organic, vegan paraban and preservative free) and its by love love their mascara, ive been using it for a month and i am in love.  So there you have it ladies! You can order through my girl Kelly by shopping (here).  These are my current favorites and i swear by them!

I am dying to try Honest Beauties new line of natural organic products. If you ladies have any suggestions of makeup you love love love please share below in the comments section. Im always looking to try something new!

**^^^^By the way those who have emailed me about the Nume Megastar straig
htener i use to curl my hair in THIS OLD TUTORIAL (click here) i did a while back (also use it daily), i have a new coupon for you, its the Megastar straightener & trial Hydro Punch Shampoo/Conditioner for only $68 total, deal ends October 31st! So get on it!! LOVE this straightener because its rounded so i can curl my hair with it! Heres the link to take you straight to it: $68 with code MEGACLEAN ^^^
 ^^^what you're getting^^^ (: