Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pregnant With Baby Number 2!!

 Pregnant with Baby Number 2!!

If you follow along on my instagram (@tessaarmstrong8 also linked on the right side of my blog) you know that we are expecting Baby number 2 this June! Now that the cats out of the bag I wanted to fill you guys in on life lately.  Im sure you noticed I have been a little MIA lately and posting way less often, I've been battling severe all day nausea (not throwing up thankfully) just like I did with Cash in the first trimester. Its awful! I have also been exhausted beyond reason so trying to take care of my 15 month old has been about the only way I can exhaust any energy because I really dont have much these days. I couldn't keep this special secret to myself for much longer so I wanted to share early on like I did with Cash because its so much more real and beautiful when your loved ones know and can be praying for your bun in the oven.

We found out we were pregnant a couple weeks into living in our new home, so talk about craziness, I was trying to unpack and organize our new house and then started feeling exhausted and sick nearly right away. Bad timing, but we are so thrilled!! I found out while my husband was at work and couldn't hold it in and knew I had to tell him right when he got home that day. So I put Cash in a cute little onesie that read "Let the Adventure Begin" and had him waiting out front holding a pair of baby shoes to hand to daddy when he pulled up. I picked girl shoes so it would be obvious they weren't Cashs (we still dont know the gender).  Here are some cute shots I snapped of the boys right when they found out.

So I know some of you asked about me doing bump updates like I did with our first pregnancy and I've decided I'll do them because they're a great way to keep a journal of all that goes on and be able to hold on to those special moments, but also because I have found how much I enjoy other bloggers who share their experiences and find a way to relate to other women as we go through this incredibly amazing but difficult journey of creating a life. Pregnancy is no easy feat.   I'll probably do a monthly pregnancy update, not much changes week to week but month by month is a whole other story, so you guys can expect those.
How far along: 11 Weeks (Due date June 11th)

Gender: We'll find out in about 3 1/2 weeks

Maternity Clothes:  I have whipped out my maternity leggings and jeans already, just because they're more comfortable when the baby sits so low right now and my uterus is expanding, cramping, and stretching. It can get really uncomfortable when anything tight is touching where my uterus is (which is right where my pants button). The belly band and hair tie trick work too, but who are we kidding, maternity jeans/leggings are just way more comfortable. Theres no shame in that. 

Sleep: I became uncomfortable pretty quickly with this pregancy. I think its all the bloating and stretching that happens around night time. From right around 5 weeks and up until now I have so much bloating happening that its literally already uncomfortable. I dread getting in bed because my lower back has already started hurting if I lay on it, so im having to sleep on my side which feels like my stomach is heavy and already needs a pillow under it for support. Its insane how quickly my stomach has popped with this second baby! Maybe its because I had a 7.4 lb baby 16 months ago. lol

Miss Anything:  feeling good. ..Being nauseas feels like I have had the flu for 2 months.

Cravings: just like with my first pregnancy I am currently craving fruit, citrus fruit like cuties and oranges sound so yummy, and cold raspberries and watermelon.  At week 4 & 5 I was craving carbs like movie theatre popcorn and cheeze its and pizza. Its so weird what our bodies tell us we want.  At weeks 6-9 I really wanted soups, butternut squash soup, tomato soup and tortilla soup sounded so good. 

Adversions: I have had an adversion to anything i cook, lol. Cooking has been something that grosses me out and makes me gauge thinking about, so we have done wayyyy too much eating out these past 2 months, exactly like when I was pregnant with Cash in my first trimester.  

Symptoms: Less cramping and stretching now that ive passed the first two months, I have really awful constipation (isnt this pointless if im not honest?) this is due to being on Zofran (my anti nausea medication again). This same problem happened with my first pregnancy, and let me tell you, it is NO fun.  I tried 2 other medications and they didnt work at all. This time around Zofran only works off and on, with Cash it felt like it took away all of my nausea.  I am always hungry, & I have to eat every 2 hours because if I dont im nauseas again.  Really exhausted but I started feeling a tiny bit more motivated and energized around 10 weeks. Im breaking out on my face, and even my body like i did with Cash in my 1st tri.  And I was really hormonal from week 3.5 to week 8 (thats one of the ways I knew i was pregnant!).  

Belly Button in or out: in

Mood: Really ready to be done feeling sick

Best Moment this week: Having more energy!! 

Looking forward to:  Finding out the gender! Also, being able to work out again, i've taken a month or so off of the gym and I am feeling more motivated and less tired now so Im happy to be feeling better.

Exercise: I stopped exercising for the last month or so, I went to my first Dr appointment and the ultrasound found a small bleed in my uterus, I havent had any spotting or pain or anything, but it just means I had  to be careful for a few weeks so it would heal. I had the same thing happen with Cash early on and it healed perfectly by 12 weeks.  My dr. said it was nothing concerning and they see it all the time, its really common as the gestational sac grows bigger and stretches.  Im not worried about it but I wanted to be safe and do whatever I could to have it heal quicker and keep our baby safe.  It was also a nice break for me while being so tired to just give myself time to rest. 

We are excited to have our little ones 2 years apart and to be giving Cash a sibling.  We are so thankful our little angel is growing healthy and has a strong heartbeat. I can't thank God enough for this blessing.

  If you're on this journey with me and expecting a baby, Id love to hear about how you've been feeling, foods you've been craving, and how you stay healthy and take care of yourself while being pregnant. Also what do you think we are having, a boy or a girl?


Friday, November 7, 2014

Safe Home Solutions: HOMage

 Safe Home Solutions: HOMage

Hey my people, oh how i have missed you all week! I have some good news to share, I have found a way to clean my new home that is safe for our little guy! I have always had a problem with using harsh products full of hazardous toxic chemicals, but now that I have a baby things have changed where I don't just have a problem with cleaning supplies, I fear the harm they can do to my little one. Our skin aborbs 60% or so of what we touch! AH! I don't know about you but I dont want my little one bathing in a tub that was cleaned with toxic chemicals! I also don't want to put food onto a counter that was cleaned with hazardous sprays, or have him touching our windows and then sticking his little fingers in his mouth. Its crazy to think about how much we already consume from our foods alone that are probably harmful, the last thing we need to do is add to that mess by spraying chemicals in the air of our homes.  Welcome our solution,.. HOMage

"HOMage is a concept that has been a long time in the making. We like things natural. We want our homes to feel happy, and breathe happy. Have you ever read the label of a big brand, chemical cleaning product? I mean, whoa. Not to mention the knock-you-out fumes that fill the house after a couple sprays on a surface that you might actually set some food on". - HOMage 

So here we have three sprays: Window cleaner made of Eucalyptus and Peppermint! (SMELLS AMAZING), Disinfectant spray made of Tea Tree and Lemongrass (i use this on all the surfaces Cash touches or plays on), All Purpose Cleaner made of citrus and clove (this one is strong, you can just smell that clove working away at cleaning your countertops! I love that!).  

*all homeopathic ingredients*

This package is for just $25 for all THREE! Or you can purchase them individually for $10.

Everything is made with love in their garage! Help support small businesses and keep your home safe and clean by purchasing your goods today! Thank you HOMage we love our bottles and will use them with care.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014'

Happy Halloween 2014'

Oh my goodness, i've never seen a cuter stinker in my entire life, have you!?? I had to share these halloween skunk pics I took of him before Halloween because I know tomorrow is going to be a crazy busy day and I couldn't pass up sharing this cuteness overload with you all.  I mean.... honestly, he makes a pretty ridiculously adorable skunk. We'll most likely be wearing some black leggings and long sleeve shirt for trick or treating but I thought those white chunky baby stems were too yummy not to show for these costume pics.  I loved this outfit the moment I saw it.  I cant wait to see all of your little ones dress up on instagram (follow me at @tessaarmstrong8) or the link to the right.  We'll be heading out in our new neighborhood with some family and friends and then going to a neighborhood chili party afterwards. I cant wait?! What are your plans, id love to hear?


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Trip & 'I Know My Alphabet' Discount

Pumpkin Patch Trip & 'I Know My Alphabet' Discount

Hey beauties, it feels like its been forever since i've blogged! I miss those weeks when i could get on here 2-3 times, now its more like 1-2 if im lucky! Don't worry i'll start playing catch up soon.  I wanted to share our little trip to the pumpkin patch this year, I remember taking our sweet boy to this very same patch last year when he was so teeny tiny just 3 months old. Its crazy to see him now walking around and getting on the rides and playing with the animals and so entertained by those bright orange BALLS! hah. He has grown so much! Hes now 15 months old and already has 14 teeth! He is the sweetest little person on the planet and we are so blessed by his little personality.  Life is so much more fun with him, we are always on the go trying out a new park, beach, or kids activity. I try to teach him new things daily and keep him entertained. I can't imagine staying inside the house all day with a little one. So we're really going to need to get creative when the rain starts pouring. I cant wait for that though! Rain boots and puddles.. they're calling my name!

Lets talk for a second about these adorable personalized baby leggings by I Know My Alphabet! They made Cash some months ago (see here) and he outgrew them and we were dying for a new pair. So here we have the updated version, which to me looks more toddler-ish so theyre perfect for him. I love these leggings, and they're made from all organic fabric. She custom designs them just for your little one.

Be sure to get 20% off using the coupon code below at check out!

Coupon Code: 20OFF

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Summer Family Photos: Cash Is One

 Summer Family Photos: Cash is One

Hey loves, I hope you are having a lovely weekend so far. We have been relaxing and soaking up this great chilly Fall weather! I wanted to finally share these summer family photos my sister Kesley Steindler Photography snapped of us to capture Cash right after he had turned one.  If we could take family photos every few months I totally would because its so worth it when these little babies grow like weeds! They change so much month to month and to be able to remember these moments and milestones in photos means so much to us as a family.  I hope you enjoy and be sure to check out my sisters work if you're local in the Orange County area and looking for someone to snap some photos of you and your fam!

For those who asked on Instagram (@tessaarmstrong8)
My dress is by Free People
Cash button up from Janie and Jack
Leggings H&M